Liz Borel Award

Speech Pathologists and Audiologists in Louisiana Schools
Elizabeth Stokes Borel Award for Excellence


The Elizabeth Stokes Borel Award for Excellence was established in 2001 and embodies the spirit of a lady who sought to improve communication skills in children, formulate a standard by which professionalism could be measured, and provide a medium by which professionals could share ideas and expand their knowledge of the communication field. Liz was known as a pioneer; as she was innovative in helping to shape Louisiana’s first licensure law and served on the first Louisiana Board of Examiners for Speech Pathology and Audiology.

This leadership award is presented to an individual who has dedicated his/her career to promoting speech-language pathology and audiology within Louisiana schools. The person selected should possess the attributes embodied by Liz Borel: tenacious, compelling, dynamic, compassionate, intelligent, warm and enthusiastic.

Nominations are being accepted for the Elizabeth Stokes Borel Award to be presented at the annual SPALS conference.

CRITERIA for Nominees for the Elizabeth Stokes Borel Award for Excellence

Nominees should demonstrate:

      • Outstanding work in the communication field
      • Professional characteristics and skills required for the prevention and remediation of speech, language and hearing disorders in children
      • Current SPALS membership
      • Nominations (Name and address) should be emailed to our Elizabeth Stokes Borel Award for Excellence Committee Chair. Cissy Matthews
      • Nominees will be notified and asked to provide a resume and two letters of support, by July 1 of the nominating year.