SPALS Grants

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WHO: Speech Therapists/Audiologists

WHERE: Louisiana Schools

WHAT: The grant is designed to award up to $1,000 depending on the applicant’s needs. There are no restrictions on what can be purchased with SPALS Grant funds. Suggestions include software to support areas of deficit needed, Professional Development for therapist(s) and could include funding an expert in a needed area to address all therapists in a district.

Application Deadline: July 1st of each year. Applications are accepted throughout the school year, but must be received by July 1st of the awarding year.

Awards Announced: At the Annual SPALS Conference (those awarded to be called ahead of time)

Project Period: October of Current Year that the grant is awarded to May 31st of the following year (Money to be spent by January 31st of that following year).

Eligible Applicants: Current SPALS Members who are Licensed Speech Therapists and Audiologists working in Louisiana Schools
Application Materials Needed for Submission: The completed application including a detailed budget and Principal’s Signature ( or Special Education Director’s signature if a system-wide program).

• Only include your name and school name on the cover page of the application. DO NOT include teacher names or school names in the proposal.
• Projects should correlate with the district comprehensive curriculum and be designed to increase student achievement. Items ordered should support goals and objectives on IEPs.

I. Coversheet
• Project Title
• Therapist/Audiologist First and Last name
• Email address
• Daytime Phone Number
• School Name
• School Address
• Evening Phone
• City
• Grade

II. Overview
• Project Title
• Number of students impacted
• Speech/Audiology area impacted
• Budget Amount Requested
• Snapshot of the grant proposal, including who it will impact and what it will accomplish

III. Project Description
(Detailed description of the proposed program for which the grant is intended)

IV. Project Need
(Detailed description to demonstrate program need)

V. Evaluation
How will you collect data to determine if you were successful in your project-surveys, Test data, Teacher comments, etc.? How will you know how successful your project was in meeting the need described earlier?

VI. Detailed Budget
How will requested money be spent? List each proposed expense and include cost estimate for each item. If any additional funds will be used, include funding source(s).

Mail completed grant applications to:
SPALS Grant Committee
c/o Altha Jordan Green
2447 23rd Street
Lake Charles, LA 70601

Printable SPALS Grant Form


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